In 1918 and probably for some time before that there was great devotion to St. Roch, centering around the Daughters of Charity Convent of St. Vincent’s on Navan Road. The Sisters came from France and probably brought the devotion to St. Roch with them. The statue of St. Roch in our Church now and in their Church then, came with them in the 19th Century to Navan Road. At that time the only residents of the area lived on Blackhorse Avenue then known as Blackhorse Lane. The Sisters promoted the devotion to St. Roch and the local people responded to that devotion. They attended the Church to participate in the devotional ritual. It is believed that when the Spanish Flu came in 1918 St. Roch protected the local people. No one from Blackhorse Lane died from the flu even though many from other areas did. According to local lore there were queues of horse drawn hearses at Glasnevin but not from here.

St. Roch Pray For Us

Please take a prayer card from the Church.

SAINT ROCH – 1295-1327 The Statue of St. Roch is now situated in the St. Pope John Paul II Shrine

St. Roch was reputed to have been born with a red cross on the left of his chest. On the death of his parents he distributed all his worldly goods among the poor and devoted his life helping the plague-stricken and the sick. He was said to have cured plague victims he visited in Italy with his prayers and by marking the sick with the sign of the cross.

Prayer To St. Roch

O Blessed Saint Roch, Patron of the sick,

Have pity on those, who lie upon a bed of suffering.

Your power was so great,

when you were in this world that by the sign of the cross many were healed of their diseases.

Now that you are in heaven your power is no less. Offer, then, to God Our sighs and tears

And obtain for us that health we seek Through Christ our Lord. Amen